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Amanda (the Vixen) does Arizona

My husband and I have been together for 12 years. I met him in a dive bar years ago. We were both drunk, he was hot and we ended up together in a bathroom stall. This is

who we were then and we have not changed much.

The two of us pretty much do our own thing. No secrets is our only rule. We tried traditional swinging and such but it wasn’t for us. I am not a fan of swing clubs or hotel takeovers because of the predictability. Everyone knows the routine and I prefer spontaneity.

With my husband’s blessing, I am a hotwife. I am always on the prowl for a hot guy looking for a quick fuck. Trust me I could tell you stories all day long about some of the crazy things I’ve done. Sometimes the guys I meet are awesome, I’ve also met my share of total dicks.

My husband is on the road for business pretty often and this gives me lots of time to myself. (Just thinking about that makes me smile.) So here is why I am writing to you:

I was looking for some kind of symbol that alerted men to the fact that I’m looking to play. Unsure of what that might be, I did some research and came across your website. As I did not want to advertise that I am a swinger per se, I spotted your vixen charm. The girl that helped me was sweet and I decided to put the charm on a necklace with the swinger pendant. I figured between the two, someone would know what I was looking for!

With the necklace around my neck I headed out to a busy happy hour in a business district not far from home. I will say, almost every man who talked to me at the bar asked me about the necklace. Even if they did not know what it meant from seeing it, it did give me the opportunity to tell them! What a fun night that was!

A few weeks after it arrived (I wear it all the time), I stopped for a drink on my way home one night. A man came up to me and ran his hands through the back of my hair. As I turned to see who it was, I noticed he was wearing a bracelet with the pendant. Not the first time I was in a bathroom stall with a stranger! I don’t even know his name but what a great time we had!

After this experience I had to order a bracelet for my husband. Hopefully he will have as much luck and I will be writing about his story!

Great jewelry!

Kisses to you all~

Amanda The Vixen

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