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Visiting day with a sexy twist

Dear Partners ID,

This note could have been sent a few years back but as they say: better late than never!

My husband and I purchased jewelry from you about 4 years ago. We loved the concept and figured we had nothing to lose! I will admit we were a bit afraid to wear it every day in case people spotted us. Obviously, we have changed and now laugh at how silly we were.

Anyway, we have 2 children and every summer they attend a sleep away camp in the Berkshire Mountains. Each summer there is a visiting day for parents to come and visit their children for the day. Since we live south of the camp, we generally make it a weekend get away. First we go into Manhattan and enjoy the city for a night, then continue the next day up to Connecticut, where we spend the second night.

Since we had been in New York City, we did wear our jewelry when we went out. The next day, we both wore the jewelry again when we headed up to visit our daughters.

The day was spent watching our daughters enjoy the different activities and we had a big picnic for all of the families out on the lawn. I was standing in line to get some food when the woman in front of me put her hand out to reach for some utensils. I immediately noticed her black ring. As she then put her arm around her young daughter I could see the symbol! Bingo!

I tapped her on the shoulder and introduced myself. She was very friendly and asked if our children were bunkmates. I tugged on the charm hanging from my necklace and she burst out laughing. We introduced ourselves and she asked if we would like o join them for lunch.

The four of us clicked and our girls did know each other. After lunch we exchanged cell phone numbers and they asked where we were headed after the day was over. We invited them to meet us for a drink back at the hotel where we were staying.

Long story short, we played well into the night and keep in touch during the year. They live far away from us but we now meet each summer for visiting day (except , of course, during COVID because the camp was closed).

I cannot tell you what a wonderful friendship has been formed because of your jewelry. It made me realize how many missed opportunities exist simply because we would never know who else was in the lifestyle without some identification. We proudly wear the jewelry of all the time now and have met 3 other couples over the years.

Thank you for your hard work! We are huge fans!


Kylie and Teddy

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