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Living in a remote area can be hard for swingers.

Dear Partners ID,

First we want to thank you for your patience when working with our group. We know it was not easy to please us all, but everyone was very professional and kind throughout the process! The outcome is exactly what we had hoped for!

We live in a part of the country where people have no tolerance for swingers. It is a religious area and we were brought up to understand that sex is strictly between a husband and a wife. Without the internet, we would never have had access to other swingers simply because there are no clubs for hundreds of miles.

Our need for the jewelry was not to find new swingers (although if that happens we will be thrilled) but to be able to find each other. There are about 25 couples in our little secret group and we try to get together at least once a month.

What we discovered is that although we sometimes cross paths during our daily outings, we don’t always recognize one another. None of us look exactly the same as we do when we are all dazzled up for a night out!

One time, thought I spotted one of the women while out shopping, but I was not sure and so I did not approach her. That was when we started to think about wearing some kind of jewelry that only we would recognize.

My husband and I are planning a trip to Texas this summer to visit some family. Hopefully, the jewelry will help us to find some playmates while traveling!

Great concept and beautiful jewelry! Thanks Partners ID!

Meghan and Rex

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