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Just when I thought a night at Trapeze couldn’t be more fun than it already is, this happens…

I often tell people that every night at Trapeze is like New Year’s Eve. The crowd is alive, they are fun, they are sexy and they are happy. There’s music, dancing, eating, drinking, sex and breakfast. If that isn’t fun, I am not sure what is!

Trapeze is known for their theme nights and have incorporated a steel drummer into the mix for International Night on Wednesdays. Not only is the drummer great at playing the drums, but he is hot and engaging. The vibe is electric with many people taking to the dance floor to join in the fun.

This particular hump night was more memorable than most. As the night was getting started and the crowd was heating up, two beautiful twin like dancers made their way to the dance floor. As they mingled with the guests on the dance floor a stilted robotic dancer with flashing neon lights appeared on the scene. As he made his way through the crowd to the dance floor, all eyes were on him.

Before long, the dance floor was packed as the crowd danced with the dancers and then began a train which ended with a limbo under the stilted dancers legs. All the while the music and drums kept the beat and the dance floor was sprayed with blasts of cold air and confetti.

The atmosphere was electric and euphoric. The crowd was connected and people were dancing throughout the entire club. This lasted for over an hour or two (hard to remember, it was so much fun).

This is one of the reasons Trapeze remains among the best swing clubs in the world. Every night is special, every night is different but every night is fun!

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