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Finding others swingers is this easy!

Dear Partners ID,

After seeing your jewelry on Facebook, we decided why not give it a shot! My husband and I each ordered a piece we liked. For me, the upside down pineapple on a silver choker, for him, a black chain necklace with your pendant. We were pleasantly surprised when it arrived as it is much nicer than we had anticipated.

At first we reserved wearing it for nights out, but after a few weeks, I started to wear mine during the day as well. One day recently, I was waiting in line at city hall to get a permit. I asked the woman standing in front of me a question and when she turned to respond, she gave me a funny look. At first I thought maybe I knew her but she did not look at all familiar.

After answering my question she pointed to my necklace. “I have been looking everywhere for an upside down pineapple necklace like that," she said. “Where did you find that?”

When I hesitated she put her hand on my shoulder and reassured me that she knew what it meant. When she told me she had a black ring, I knew. She reached into her wallet and pulled out a card with her email and phone number. “Why not get in touch and you can let me know”

And just like that, I met someone in the lifestyle. We did get together, and through her we met a few other couples, which is really nice.

The jewelry is beautiful, high quality and most of all, it works!

Thanks so much and we will be purchasing again from you!

Justine and David

Dallas, TX

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