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Our jewelry incorporates discreet symbols recognized within the lifestyle community, allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals without revealing anything to the outside world.  


These symbols act as a subtle invitation or conversation starter.

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The only lifestyle jewelry recognized around the world.

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Our collection includes discreet symbolic jewelry designed for various lifestyles.

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Partners ID is a well-known brand of lifestyle jewelry that is recognized internationally.

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Our team is skilled in custom designing jewelry to meet your specific needs if you can't find what you're looking for in our existing collection.

Being in the lifestyle is like belonging to a secret society.  You want to know who the other members are, but you do not want to expose yourself.  Partners ID has changed all of that.  Founded in 2015, Partners ID was created for one simple reason:  jewelry for swingers and other lifestyles did not exist.  We searched extensively and out of pure frustration, developed swinger jewelry.  


Our jewelry has been sold in over 34 countries.  It is the only lifestyle jewelry recognized around the world.  We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction. Many of our products were produced because customers requested them.

If does not matter which piece you wear or how you wear it, it always means the same thing.   

Stop wondering, start playing...




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